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This is the first ever documented record of bubonic plague in human history. But the fact that bubonic plague continues to afflict human population even today is a matter of concern. The bacteria typically infects the spleen, lungs, kidneys and brain. It is spread by virtue of rats and fleas.

The Black Death: The Worst Event in European History

The staff at ProfEssays. The early symptoms lead to graver consequences, and the ultimate zenith is reached when the patient ultimately breaths his last. A nursing and healthcare term paper could focus on the facilities provided to modern healthcare officials that were not available in the 14 th century. It killed almost 30 per cent of the contemporary European population. Infection is spread through fleas and rodents. It is a common occurrence to have rodents whenever there are earthquakes or other such calamities. The disease was known as the Black Death.

A death essay customised to bubonic plague or any other deadly disease could explain the intricacies associated with bubonic plague.

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Your bubonic plague research paper could tell you how it was brought to Marseilles, France through a sea vessel in the year The appearance of buboes in the armpits and the groin are giveaway symptoms. This way, bubonic plague is a lot like smallpox. The malady is not exactly infectious or transmitted from one man to another. The agents are fleas. Body temperature rises to degrees Fahrenheit, as in smallpox. A smallpox research paper would be the best place to find all the details of an infection by smallpox virus.

Writers at ProfEssays. Likewise, we ensure that each of our products is different and unique. Though efforts to achieve a world free of bubonic plague are on, yet about 2, cases of bubonic plague are reported every year. Australia and New Zealand are free from the disease. Life in the Middle East had been a bit tough for the citizens because bubonic plague is known to recur after every few years till the 16th century.

In a way, it acted as an effective agent to check the growth of population.

The Black Death

Beginning in the mid th century, plague struck Europe in waves that decimated the population. The fact that Europeans at that time did not fully realize from where or what this pestilence came, led to a variety of responses. People responded based upon their own self-interest: namely, protecting themselves financially, causing them to react in particularly deceitful ways. There was also a sense during this time period that death was inevitable, affecting all levels of society while spreading to other nations of Europe.

Driven by a desire to enrich oneself led people to take drastic, inhumane measures. Document 4 recounts how people smeared ointment on the town gates as a way to expedite death for the wealthy, leaving the heirs of the deceased their inheritances more quickly. The schoolmaster in doc. As the leader of the school, his job depends on whether or not students attend and can pay the fees. A French author observing the impact of plague on Paris notes that the rich had the ability to get out of plague-infested areas.

This led to a decline in the population of lower class workers, since they could not afford to leave the city, while the wealthy were able to protect themselves by moving away Doc. Can't change a rubric once you've started using it.

Causes and Symptoms of the Bubonic Plague

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