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Thank you Thanak. These are so beautiful. I love it when you post the work of all your students on your blog too. This is an awesome project! I made this with my daughter she is grade one we enjoyed so much. We also made a fall fairy with the same technic. You can see on our blog. Thank you for sharing!

Paper Collage Art Lesson Plans

Love your blog and this lesson. I am a former art teacher now full-time mama , and seeing such wonderful kids art makes me miss teaching! Keep up the great work. I know you probably don't hear that enough! I hope you don't mind if I feature this lesson on my blog tomorrow. My first graders have been working on this lesson this month and the results are wonderful! It looks fabulous!! And investing in some metallic paints has made this project!!

Lesson Plans: Middle School

Hope you approve! Hi Denise, The project looks great! Thanks for the shout out! Me, too! My 10 and 5 year old sons just competed this project. They had so much fun.


The collages turned out beautiful. I really appreciate that your projects can be tailored to both older and younger kids.

We have several more projects planned this month. Thank you for your dedication to such a wonderful and resourceful website! Just did this lesson with my second graders today.

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Great results too! Thank you so much for all of your great ideas! You are helping children in far reaching ways by openly posting your lessons. This is a great idea. I love the use of gold paint and the final swirls at the end. Thanks for sharing! This project is awesome. I teach special ed and this is a project that can work for students at many different levels of ability. I am excited to try it this fall. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

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Supplies: — Lots of white drawing paper — Gold Tempera Paint or Gold crayons — Autumn colored tempera paints red, orange, yellow, greens and brown — Texture making tools brushes, plastic forks, plastic cups, etc. What do you think? Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Marta October 9, at pm. PigsDoFLy October 10, at am. Denise October 11, at am. Katie October 11, at pm.

Becca : October 11, at pm.

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Michelle Kearney October 12, at am. Danice September 18, at am. Students can easily create a quilt square without sewing, paint, or glue using colorful, peel-and-stick craft foam. Welcome to my Hive. In a honey bee community, one can find a level of cooperation and collaborative teamwork that exists nowhere else on earth. Diwali Door Decor.

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Known as the festival of lights and observed in many countries around the globe, Diwali is a celebration of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Garlands known as "Toran" or "Bandanwar" are a traditional means of decorating doorways and windows to welcome guests with a bright and beautiful entryway. Block Printed Sun Deity. Use sun-powered dyes and block printing to create an easy fabric Sun Deity. Carve the soft block, brush on dye, press onto muslin, and expose to the sun.

The colors develop in minutes! Combine various patterns to create clothing and accents. Students can share their carvings across the class for added variety!

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Altered Alebrijes. Can art be random and happen by chance? Or, must it follow rules and be well-planned? This lesson is an exercise in intuitive drawing and writing based on the art of Jean aka Hans Arp, a pioneer of abstract art known for making randomness and chance part of his process. Veils of Light and Color. By eliminating those aspects of construction, students are free to use shape, value, and color as they like, with the added element of light to illuminate their creations.

I, Robot. This lesson plan gives students an opportunity to imagine what they would look like as bionic beings. Starting with a dimensional outline of their own features, students use metallic foil, paints, and discarded electronic components to turn their image into science fiction selfies. Wire Dream Catcher. Cast-Tissue Tiles. Use it to create tiles, ornaments, valentines, frames — all sorts of great projects that make great gifts, too!